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We rent all kinds bikes

jersey design 100% made in the eu


In DOLTCINI we are dedicated to the rental of all types of material for the cyclist. We have all types bicycles and the best quality accessories such as gloves, goggles, and many accessories you can find in our store.

We also take care of the jersey design for any type of cycling team. Our Jerseys and top quality clothes are manufactured only in Europe. Doltcini is sponsor for the team BAGUET DOLTCINI BICYCLE CENTER, an elite and professional team.

And of course, we do the best guides and cycle routes throughout the region of Almeria in which numerous groups throughout the area participate in the best courses and live and feel professionalism with which we work.

the best professional work

Custom manufacture of jerseys and professional cycling jerseys specially designed for you, with the colors and logos of your choice. 

100% production in Europe..

We have all kinds of bicycles for rent, ride bikes, road bikes, mountain bikes...